The Filomates was established to be the go to group of Filipinos in Australia. It is the most active Filipino group in the online space and in ‘real life’ – two sides of the community coin.




Years of service

Our Services

Online Bayanihan

Our facebook group handles dozens of enquiries every day relating to daily activities and visa application procedures

One stop shop

We aim to provide an all in one access of the services provided by Filipinos around Australia

Social Meetup

We organise regular meetups to welcome new members and newly arrived migrants

Sports Activities

Join like minded individuals in sports activities scheduled almost every week

Financial Education

Sessions on real estate, entrepreneurship and paper asset investments are organised regularly

Job Coaching Sessions

Securing a job is one of the most important tasks a migrant faces upon arrival in Australia

Group testimonial

* Filomates is formerly known as 'Pinoy AU'

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